Whey protein


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I enjoy canadianprotein

Cheap, sells in bulk, and have a wide variety of flavors
Canadian protein is great.

I use their whey concentrate (basically as a fallback plan meal replacement), whey isolate, taurine, EAA, HBCD, creatine mono, beta alanine, and I think my dextrose is fr them also.

Mutant is another decent brand. Mutant whey is quite cheap altho it does have quite a few carbs If that's an issue. But I like that they're local.

Allmax has been good to me also..Aaaand the best part is their buckets have the scoop on top every time bc there's a recess built in to the top. Genius!

Magnum is also decent and local.

Then the big two brands optimum and dynamize are also terrific.

Basically as long as you don't get five star or the other Walmart brand ur doing well.

However I'd caution to using too much whey. There are times when you want quick digesting protein.....post workout and breakfast (partially) but other than those times I'd suggest going with real food or ull be too hungry between meals and u may cheat. If ur having issues getting the food down you can still use shakes...but use egg whites for ur protein source. Natty PB...OATS....EGG WHITES in a shake is about the quickest and cheapest meal replacement possible.


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I've always like isoflex. Many decent flavors.
Always had good results, and I digest it well. That is my problem with many other whey powders. I have a hard time digesting them.

Bottom line as long as its a clean protien powder, it comes down to personal choice. Though not all are created equal lol