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I am a new member and was talking to Taureau and he mentioned you were into the martial arts for a while. Are you still practicing? What styles did you practice? I practiced Taekwondo for 15 years, competed for 6 and ran my own school in Oromocto NB for 10 years.
Back to golfing, quite enjoy the sport. Anyone else throw a club around?! Gorgeous weather for it on the east coast!

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Nobody actually likes golfing, thats why they have carts that drive around and serve you drinks. If they made you play sober, everyone would realize how much they suck/hate it and they would lose all their members!
18 holes with 14 clubs walking. It’s a workout. That and you should drive a couple golf balls with a 460cc driver! Us slightly enhanced fellas tend to have some good distance considering I can shoot 200 yards with ease with a 7 iron.
Just got into golfing a couple of weeks ago. Lots of fun and nice to enjoy the weather
Hey, So here I am. Hubby (Griffin), convinced me to register. So what am I all about?? Okay.... I’ve been training consistently now for about 30 years. Competed successfully at an amateur level back in the day, and for some reason since.....just keep at it. Love it. Can’t see me stopping.