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Sun: shining
Coffee: Ecuadorian
Skin: moisturised
Cubes: stacked
Pants: none
Well: rested
Log fire; on
OK; Let's go
Don't care; never selling
Caring; less
Buying; more
You; just win
Jack feb 18 2007- Jan 9 2022 RIP buddy
He went everywhere with us and he was welcomed in everyones home. Years ago the wife and i drove back to the rock and we took him with us.
Ive had dogs my whole life but this was my wifes first dog. Shes having a hard time with it. The St Bernard is getting extra loven today and yesterday.
He will be missed but cant forget the almost 15 years he gave us.
Absolutely, never forget. I had our last 2 Great Danes Cremated, and bought a nice storage unit for them and they stay on top of our fireplace with a picture on the front of them to honor their memory, and they are always with us in our homes. Maybe this would help your wife feel better? I did it for my wife and she was very happy and still cherishes the thought to this day.
I had a boxer that was similar. Ate anything. One time it ate a diaper and I guess the absorbent stuff they put in diapers dried her out from the inside, lol. She must have drunk 5 gallons of water that night, we couldn't fill her bowl fast enough. RIPJACK