Gym gear?


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when I get some more stock I will announce it
Damn everything is so expensive. When I did give aways at work, I used the foam beer cozies.
They were $1.50 each if you bought 500, so I’d get a couple thousand and give them away at the start of summer.
Good conversation piece.

Hats, especially the fitted ones are really expensive, just made some for staff at work, like $25 each.
Shirts, I bought t shirts at Michaels on sale 2 for $5. They have every size. Then I bought the printer iron ons and made some cheap for work. I know the logo wears off, but I just didn’t feel like paying $18 a shirt.

Shaker cups even at $7 each after printing would be too expensive for you to get into. You end up buying like 100, and get stuck with 80?

I think the sponsor on the board doing little things like helping out with the PG thing us by far a better thing.


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I wouldn't expect the sponsor to pay the bill for any merch honestly, very nice gesture though.