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  • Gyms Closed. If anyone else is missing a good workout day I feel for you I luckily have a serious muscle strain I gotta rest off a little
    Hey! Enjoy your day! If your training hard GIVE ER YO !!!! GIVE IT YOUr All!!!!
    P.s diet has been better still not where I want it but getting better. Results and gains manifesting regularly
    I have to have some more discipline in my diet , overall progress would satisfy normal ppls expectations but I’m. It a normal guy and my expectations are extreme
    One thing I love about bodybuilding and/or physical exercise/diet to reach physical goals is IF you put in the work you WILL see the results! Simple as that!
    Shit I forgot to eat a real meal today...cheeseburger and fries coming right up though!!!! All good rest day any way just did some stretching at home..
    Can’t wait to deadlift 3 plates again and bench 300 pounds lol...maybe in a year I’ll be at the 300 bench deadlifts are my jam tho
    Rest Day I tried just light weights and cardio days but my right side back tri gotta pain that just won’t go without rest and I need to be full strength to push some serious weight
    Please....there’s a fine line between good solid advice and telling somebody what to do and judging people on here with Zero basis in reality....this is a forum for building muscle , Juice , and brotherly and sisterly companionship Nd support while striving to a co over your goals if one more person treats me like some high school kid who needs to be told he’s this or that by some random person who’s j
    Just worked out using chains and a make shift barbell lol , Mentally in the perfect place to start back up at my favourite gym :) smiles smiles smiles
    Slept in. I worked my bis and some front and middle delts and did good amount of cardio(light jogging with a back pack full of chains and stones)
    HEY YALL! I’m still working hard changing my diet, sleep schedule, and doing daily work Lolita to wake up not natural muscles which is going amazing it takes me 3 days to get them back after a long time of abusing myself. I’m hulk ready
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