Blue tops, dimer levels, etc?


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I’ve seen a few posts throughout the various threads about this, but I thought it might be valuable to ask this question for myself, and other newbies, in terms of those who have not had a lot of experience with HGH.

It has been my understanding that the colour of tops often refers to three or four different measurement metrics in terms of the product.:
- concentration
- purity
- dimer value
- Can’t remember the other one.

Of the three I’ve listed, the one that I am unable to find Any info on is dimer value. I have read that some people have more wrist and joint pain with higher dimer values, but not sure what that specifically means. If anyone can weigh in on this or provide a link to another thread where it has been discussed that would be amazing.
I believe dimer is a misfolded/altered protein which you don't want. That being said even pharma has some dimer. I can't remember exactly but I think under 3% is acceptable, that being said the goal is less then 1% always.

As for hgh. Color of tops mean absolutely nothing, period.