You can not make this shit up.. lol


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I hope everyone here is starting to accept the fact that he is working for the WEF and pushing their agendas.
And if you can accept that then maybe you can start to see everything that has happened has been nothing more than an orchestrated plan to get us to fall in line with those agendas. And then maybe you will be able to accept the fact that they've lied to you about effective treatments. And that they've lied to you about the gmo shots. And they lied to you about the boosters. It's all engineered to get us into a central bank controlled digital currency which will include digital identities all controlled by the government. Just like the CCP and their social credit system.
Time to start accepting the bigger picture.


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Bad news for justice.
He's revoking it to prevent the Senate from striking it down and applying conditions.
The Senate was not impressed when that tweet got sent out. The timing was good though, wasn’t too lang after The leader of the Opposition went on about Trudeau. Not respecting the process, not involving anyone in his decisions and no regard for Parliament whatsoever.

Just like the Emergency Act was created, it can be amended. We’ve learned a little more about it over the past few days. Things have changed since 1988, that thing needs to be updated.


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Read it... You can't make this up.

Did Trudeau carry out that clause by exempting minorities of said status and only apply the Emergency Act on “white Canadians”? If he did, then that’s beyond fucked up. But wasn’t the Emergency Act created by the Conservatives in power in 1988? If so, shouldn’t the beef be with them for the most part?

Curious if any minority of said status refused to adhere to the Emergency Act taking up that clause of Exemption