What did you eat today


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Hoping to start in August, after I come back from abroad. I just hope I donèt screw up my diet during my first cycle!
I highly recommend having your dietary basics down before you decide to run your first cycle, you'll likely see significant results from that alone. Two meals a day is simply not enough


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Meal 1: glutamine and wobenzymes followed by glass of water with a tablespoon of ACV, 2 cups of coffee with cream, 6 oz top sirloin, 3 tablespoons of raw walnuts, and an apple.

Meal 2: 11/2 cups of 1% cottage cheese

Meal 3: 6 oz top sirloin and 1 cup of greens

Meal 4: 1/3 cup cream of rice with cinnamon


Meal 5: 250 g chicken breast, 1 cup broccoli dipped in 1 tablespoon of EVOO and balsamic vinaigrette

Meal 6: 350 g full fat greek yogurt, 2 tablespoons crushed raw walnuts.

2,612 cals / 115 g carbs / 100 g fat / 299 g protein


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Picanha, salt/pepper/garlic powder 1/1/0.5 smoke with apple wood over charcoals.

Just look at the beautiful marbling on this piece of meat, and for 14$/kg you'd be crazy not to eat that.


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