What’s your go-to song to hit a PR


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Metallica’s garage album is a huge go - to for me. Did you know they did another S&M album recently??
It is one of my favorite albums, so many good songs. Most of there albums I have liked numerous songs. I can't say that about many other albums. I saw something about a new album release but I have yet to listen to any of it.


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Years ago Im sad to admit I was a "down with the sickness" PR type guy.

Cemetery gates by pantera has been my go to for a while now.

I've also been known to become the guy who talks to himself far too loudly with his headphones on getting psyched up. If you've ever seen Chris Duffin do a max effort set... I've been told I do. Similar ridiculous antics to him.
Like in the vid below @1:25

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