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Welcome "@MonsterMax" to Canadian Brawn. I am very happy you have joined us. I hope you will be an active member and participate in the forum. We are a community of like minded individuals encompassing all ages and experience levels. We are here to help and support you in your goals. Please take a moment to reply to this thread with some information about yourself. Where are you from, how old are you, your experience level and what brought you here are good things to share.
Thank you
Hi CB,

First off thank you for having me. A little history on me. I have been around the forums for the past 15 years but not always active on them. My training has been pretty consistent. Not always been bodybuilding or strongman focused. I started training as a kid in high school. Absolutely fell in love with it. Out of high school I worked in the fitness industry running my own personal training business.

Always wanted to compete in bodybuilding however life pointed me into the direction of strongman. I was truly lucky having the opportunity to train with some of Canadas top competitors. Learned a great deal of knowledge with this group of guys. Just started competing in strongmen competitions and unfortunately had to take a little forced govt holiday.

I returned four years later. Jumped right back into training. Focussing hard on my diet and training. Managed to put weight and size back on very quickly. I then met my wife, focused on our lives and starting a family together.

Now Im at the point and stage in life where Im ready to dedicate time to becoming a freak again.

I have have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, training and aas use. Well at least what has worked for me and my body type. I hope to contribute to the board. Any questions feel free to message me.



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Firstly welcome to CB.
Wicked intro and story.