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Welcome "@granpa1959" to Canadian Brawn. I am very happy you have joined us. I hope you will be an active member and participate in the forum. We are a community of like minded individuals encompassing all ages and experience levels. We are here to help and support you in your goals. Please take a moment to reply to this thread with some information about yourself. Where are you from, how old are you, your experience level and what brought you here are good things to share.
Thank you


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Hi @grandpa1959 - welcome to CB!


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Welcome aboard!!!!!


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Dear members:

Thank-you for welcoming me it is appreciated.

A short bio should include that I'm 60.

I live in The Lower Mainland of BC transplanted from Southern Ontario (Hamilton/Niagara)

I have been training for 45 or so years got my first barbells at age 14.

I was focused on power-lifting for a long time. I have had the good fortune to know some great folks and helped a lot of guys get bigger and stronger than they ever thought possible . I am by no means a coach. I have just been around since Vic Tanny`s.

9 years ago I severed my right arm and lost my right side pec-minor and part of the right front deltoid. There was a bunch of other crappy stuff and I was in a coma for a while and left ....with some physical challenges.

Today it is about body sculpting, trying to stay ahead of atrophy from some failed artery graphs and generally being happy to be alive.

This has by no means slowed my pace and I still hit the gym 4-5 days a week and continue to hunt and fish.

My strength has suffered but I can still regularly pull and squat over 315 after breaking my back and at a body weight of 150 lbs. My right arm is a wee bit ``different`` making pressing motions verboten! Still shoulder and chest training continues, although in an unconventional manner.

I want to put this right out front since the bodybuilding and power-lifting community and lifestyle saved my life. I was back in the workforce in months not years.

My goal is to put some beef back on and get my body mass index down to what was normal.

Advice and recommendations on testosterone and other steroidal products and labs are welcome. I plan to watch the steroid forum(s) closely and other forums since I am sure there is much to learn and I can offer some advice and support when qualified.

I am entering week 3 of my first ever cycle using 500 mg weekly of Syn pharma Test Cyp. I am documenting the journey and experience.

Thanks to all who have inspired me.

Aspire to inspire before you expire!