Waxymaize vs maltodextdrin


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Hey so I been reading up on the two and their benefits and cons. What I got was maltodextdrin was better because it's higher GI and it's gastro emptying but the main thing people were talking about was the cost difference.
So I get for intraworkout and high intensity you want the emptying, with Osmolality and all those big words that just have to do with it entering and leaving your system faster. Also the higher GI for things like if u take insulin and for immediately after your workout.
So I get for those reasons the maltodextdrin is superior. Now idk if the algorithm is all messed on my search engine or if I'm totally off here but isn't the GI ideally supposed to be low for general health reasons down to a cellular level, like fast acting carbs kill your cells faster and Spike your insulin. Isn't the low GI the main reason we eat whole grains? Like outside of bodybuilding
I started thinking of it because I realised how much I was having and I knew I didn't need that much of an insulin spike, I was nieve and figured a 50gram gainer scoop would equal 50 grams of I scooped it out of a bag of maltodextdrin, turned out it's about 1.6times the density based on some approximations on how many scoops I was having a day and how quickly a 5kg bag was emptying. I remember way back, when like 15 years ago, I got waxymaize and it was almost powdered sugar like, maltodextdrin is not...at all.

Btw sorry about before, I somehow got gyno off 350test and finasteride 😵‍💫, even though it was scripted finasteride. So maybe my hormones were outta wack, I also thought maybe I was just bored or my innocent feeble mind was corrupted from the few days I was on Reddit 😂 anyways I decided to say fuck the internet for a bit and went outside and met a girl like an hour after making that decision lol. I'm now hanging out with two girls. Just the first girl I seen outside I was like 'sup'.
Like I think back and I remember my comments and I'm like yea I get what I was saying and still generally agree but how did I go from that first message tooooo all the others following lol.

I put on 11pounds tho which is dope
I just use a lil glutamine with my intra workout water... Hbcd is just as expensive as protein too, so I can't rationalise taking it

If it's a cardio day I sprinkle in a lil salt
HBCD from canada protein is relatively ok for cost. i’ve heard of people grinding white rice into a powder and using that, but idk how effective it is. Also have personally tried the original circle K cereal in my post workout shakes (rich piana lol) and will say my recovery felt better. most likely from the insulin spike pushing the protein faster.
Honestly i think intra carbs are a waste for most people buying them. If you eat enough carbs during the day you're fine.
If you're in there busting ass for 2 hour or more then ok but for most workouts, they are not needed imo
I tend to agree. I use them but I don't notice a difference in performance using them vs not.
Imo the biggest benefit they offer is simply the ability to get down more calories in that 3-4 hour window between a pre and post meal.
The only thing I got from intra carbs was a stomach ache, lol.
I add a teaspoon of Gatorade mix sometimes, like if the mix is on sale, but anymore than a 5 gram scoop and I get a stomach ache
O ordered some waxymaize and I also ordered some maltodextdrin and the waxymaize is how I remember it texture wise, it's like icing sugar, cept it isn't sweet lol, I guess that was the flavoring I remember 😂... It's weird though cause it's a lot finer then the maltodextdrin but the bag is the exact same but it's less full.
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The only thing I got from intra carbs was a stomach ache, lol.
I add a teaspoon of Gatorade mix sometimes, like if the mix is on sale, but anymore than a 5 gram scoop and I get a stomach ache
Thats cause your using junk carbs..lol
Use hbcd and you wont have stomach issues. Everything else Ive ever used just made me bloated and feel like crap.
I get so flustered by all the products. I just do what we did in the 70's. Add salt 1 tsp per litre of water and eat an orange at the end. Go home make a massive omelette and have a nap.