Titanium Dioxide


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Keep in mind this is my opinion, but it was developed from listening to the radio, reading books on the product, reading why it is banned in specific countries etc.
Sometimes, it makes sense to read the non medicinal or non whatever ingredients. I starting reading about this product being banned in multiple countries because:
"The following acute (short-term) health effects may occur immediately or shortly after exposure to Titanium Dioxide: ► Exposure can irritate the eyes, nose and throat. since it has been shown to cause lung cancer in animals. a carcinogen."
Ironic as my better half is having just those symptoms and the docs can't determine why. Before people think it can't be - the docs were sure I had ulcers or stomach cancer approx 15 years ago, it was simply a food I was eating and I figured it out by elimination. I removed one for a week/no change, tried another - pain and bloating is gone in a few days. They still did the scope and took biopsies but came back as 'we have no idea' from a medical perspective.

As with everything - small amounts would probably never do any damage but sweet mother of F, I started reading some of the products in the house and found that many supplements list it as a non medicinal ingredient but does not list the amount. Some foods also contain it - we try not to eat anything that comes from a box other than cream of rice and read the ingredients of anything made by companies vs. buying steak from a butcher.
I take melatonin as do my dogs, one of my little ankle biters is 17 lbs and has liver issues. Due to this, she gets melatonin nightly - if you think this is odd, look up the studies on melatonin vs. NAC and high dose Vitamin E to protect the liver from toxic substances. Melatonin beat both and in lower doses. and the other ones weigh more than my better half so I don't worry so much but I threw out each bottle that had TD. I started reading the ingredients of every bottle and found some brands contain - we had a Life Brand melatonin low dose for the little one and yup - TD in it to make it look white or I believe that is why it is added.

Here is a website you can read a little about it but I took a deep dive into the scientific sites and if at all possible the shit won't ever enter my body. Just info for the members.

Have a great long weekend and Happy Easter.
You do take nac as well though, correct?
Yes, I use NAC but not all year round and it has nothing to do with 'cycles' as I really don't do big cycles. I use it for a few months a few times a year because I take SAME year round. I put an article in the health section showing SAME is as effective as NAC for protecting your liver plus it has other benefits. As good as celebrex after a few weeks but as with all supplements - research because it is a script med in some countries for depression.
Everyone should check the contradictions with the meds they are on.
NAC is a great product and think it should be part of every supplement regimen for people pushing the limits.

If I recall correct, you had concerns about serotinin syndrome and I am pretty sure SAME impacts your serotinin. According to smarter people than I, 'expert's think it may but I don't believe they know for sure. I could be wrong in that statement and would have to go reading and am too lazy today lol.

I listen to vets a lot and the ones I am friends with prescribe SAME for almost every liver issue most animals have. Some sell their BS supplements that state first ingredient glutathione which is crap because we can't absorb it well orally. I see a traditional vet I really like for my dogs but they also have a Naturopathic doc who works there too which I like.