Test Prop/Primo Cycle


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For the past 6 weeks I have been running a test prop cycle at 7mg a week combined with primo enanthate at 25mg a week every other day. I use me2anabolics test prop dosed at 10mg per ml and primo dosed at 25mg per ml. Its a nice combo, very low injection volume 0.2ml of prop with 0.3ml of primo for a total of 0.5ml.

What do i like about this combo? I feel good, i have good muscle mass, but not too big and I look very feminine, it doesn't make you bulky at all. I do recover quickly from my workouts and I feel really good doing weights and cardio, so I mean that I feel strong and I can easily breathe and do cardio and my heart rate and blood pressure is great. I am not holding a lot of water and I am fairly lean. I do have a very strict diet and i do cardio and weight training 2 days on and 1 day off.

I don't have any negative side effects. I recently hurt my back (overtraining, i went a little crazy for a few weeks and well my body let me know) so i thought i would take some nandrolone base to help it heal (i know long shot, but i was desperate and getting impatient) I took 50mg a week of nandrolone base, EOD (which is stupid as its nandrolone base) anyways i got side effects from that, first i didn't feel very good, due to the changes in my hormones each day, i noticed it most in my mood, then i got some acne, i have very good skin usually so i noticed this right away. Why am I adding this info to this post? to show you when i say I have no side effects, i don't. This example is a direct side effect of taking a hormone, i don't have anything like this or anything else when i run the 7mg of prop with 25mg of primo as i feel its not high enough to give side effects but its a good dose to give good results.

The primo/test prop cycle is very nice and i definitely recommend any girls to try who would like to be lean, strong, firm and fit and not have to take a bunch of fat burners and starve themselves. In my many years of training, dieting, and using anabolics I have noticed that the anabolics in low doses really give you the look you want without any unwanted side effects.