T3 for fat loss


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I've been cruising last 6 months and have let myself go (25%bf) What dose and length of T3 would you run for fat loss? Sitting at 240 and would like to drop 15p before blasting again. Obviously I need to tighten up my diet and begin some intense cardio.


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I personally wouldn't use it for an extended period.
Last thing you need is TSH shut down.

Some sources around here carry the 50mcg tabs, nice small ones (for reference, I run 150 mcg of Synthroid per day..t4).. FYI, I have Hypothyroidism.. so dont run that high... just a benchmark of what someone with a totally FUCKED Thyroid has to run.
That protocols gets me to the same level as a healthy person.

When it's time to cut, ill toss in another 25mcg of T3 AND T4 with my HgH regiment (some excellent studies showing GH impact on Thyroxin production being suppressed during GH injections)

I will sometimes run 50mcg each extra, for extended periods of time... because honestly, I dont give a shit if my production gets shut down lol.


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First thing is diet and add some cardio.

Then in time you can add Eca' s or clen.

T3 was when I competed.