Suspect if this could be patented, it would be (Thymoquinolone)


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The best source I know for this is Nigella Sativa/Blackseed oil. Issue is how much is in each mg? You can google it and there is a wide variety of 250-1000 mg of Nigella Sativa providing 1-2 %. According to what I read, you don't need much Thymoquinolone for it to be therapeutic.

Imagine a drug that can help high BP, has anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory properties, is an antipyretic, and much to my surprise other than anti-inflammatory impacting liver. I found this info on how it can protect your liver by complete accident. I think of it for high BP but it does so much more if all the claims are true. They went further than just the standard acetaminophen test and tested anti cancer drugs which are known to kill cancer but also damage your body.

I guess that is why it is called the wonder supplement. Yes, I have posted on Nigella Sativa, but didn't know it had other therapeutic uses such as an antipyretic or studies on liver protection.

Just regurgitating what I read like everyone else, this is not medical advice albeit I find it impressive.
Typically 500-1000 mg twice a day of Life Extensions Nigella Sativa. Right now 2000 mg twice a day for a short period because my heart rate went up for some reason. No change in PED, maybe subconscious stress-no idea. My BP is still 120/60. I will only do this for one bottle and then back to 1000.
500 mg twice a day is enough for BP reduction for most. Most info refers to a 1000 mg and that is what I have been using.
I've been grabbing from amazon and take 1500mg a day instead of krill oil now, I might stick with this one unless anyone else has suggestions!
Went to Vitacost to pick up a few supplements that are considerably less expensive than in Canada - in particular s-adenosyl methionine.

Apparently Nigella Sativa no longer is shipped to Canada along with NAC. I buy it from the same site as it is less expensive, like the brand I use, and I am already paying for shipping. You can still pick it up in Canadian websites, Amazon, etc. but I tend to stick with the supplements I know/work.
Just another one off the board that is known to help with overall general health and in particular BP so I am trying to think of one reason why they won't let it through the border.
I would rather support local but I won't pay 4 times the price in Canada for SAMe than the US.
As of a few months ago, it was fine to order in - went this weekend to get some as I'm out and will be moving over to Amazon or a Canadian website albeit they don't carry the same brand name. Not to say other brands aren't as good - people just usually stick with what they know and work.