Spiritual prep cycle style


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SPP type cycle
3ui gh pharma bed
Mk677 once a week
Pep ipa cjc post wo / am
Lentus oed 20ui
Testo undecano 600mg 9 weeks
Pre workout combo ;
( test susp 50mg , yk11 0.3ml ,
turinabol 40mg + proviron 40mg ) .
250 eq ( with gabba taurine magnesium )
Aromasin night

Intra workout
eaa bcaa cyclic dextrin

Am pm / 9 full organic eggs fiber vit d zinc

Veggies of all colour
17-21 different foods a week

Sleep with a mouthpiece that allow tongue on palate

Eyes & vestibular drills before training

Post training eat once relax with 20 minutes meditation

Wifi blocker on cell, in bed and home