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Figured out what was causing all the knotting in my forearms..

Lack of full range of motion work and too much iso metric contraction in my forearms.

When you lift weights, your forearms are essentially locked in an isometric contraction the entire exercise. You name it, they are locked... my knots were being caused by all that isometric contractions in my forearms. A lot of the stuff I did around the house also resulted in intence isometric contractions such as using wrenches/hamers/chainsaw etc...

Coupled with that was a pure lack of full range forearm movement. Full range movements help stretch out muscles and stretch out knots before they turn into knots.

I made it a point on back day, I finish my workout with 2-3 full range excercies for the front and back side of my forearms. Laying my forearms on a bench with my hands hanging over the bench and doing forearm curls etc..

Since I started doing this, my knots have gotten better and better. I still get dry needling done, but less and less..

I get these knots in my shoulders/biceps as well. I've really focussed on the stretch portion of full stretch exercises like laying shoulder fly's (shoulders) and inclide curls (biceps).. I haven't had a knot in bi's/shoulders in awhile, but hopefully this will prevent them in the future.

I think all the other stuff like magneiusm, taurine etc has also helped too, but the meat and potatoes was the lack of full range movements I htihnk, .