Runners knee


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Well, after another post inspired me to go get checked, Looks like I have runners knee in the front part of my knee. Official term is Patellofemoral pain syndrome. From what I read its pretty common. Even in young people. Any ideas that will help? Docs told me to ice it and take anti inflammatorys. Any stretches, supplements, etc. that will help im all ears. Im gonna start glucosamine, chrond, msm and see how that goes. So far bpc 157 does not seem to help this type of injury. I may switch to tb500 as a little experiment.


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a physio can easily fix the problem for you. drugs wont work until you got to fix the problem first. it healed quickly for me. something like an injury to cause adhesion or muscle imbalance that causes the kneecap to move wrong and create abrasion ,causing inflamation and pain. i think the cure is deep tissue and/or myofascial work. you just got to figure if its from above the knee or below. or just do both. hard ball rolling for muscles and voodoo floss for the fascia.
kelly starrett is my man for injuries. here he explains it. its long
here he does the voodo floss. trigger warning, looks like crossfit.


I agree with @zenmonky. If you do opt to take an anti-inflammatory go with Naproxen (either OTC or scrip) It has the safest profile of anti-inflammatories for cardiovascular safety. No longer than two weeks max.


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I agree with naproxen, it works great as I’ve been recently using it for a lower back injury.

I’ve had lots of knee injuries (runner’s and jumper’s knee) and physio plus 1.5g of glucosamine daily for a minimum of 4 months and up to a year (perhaps as long as you can throughout your life) will heal injuries that do not require surgery.