problem with this supplier


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Placed an order with these people back in the end of July. I am a repeat customer and everything went through including the etrans that gets auto deposited. Well no goods shipped no notification of good being shipped. I mailed a couple of times with my order number and also filled in the form on the website about this issue a couple of times also. I included all needed information including my order number ect. It has been nothing bud dead silence, if you do not get a reply after a couple of weeks trying to get in touch using the email address and the site contact form your not getting a reply. Got a nice email when I placed the order thanking me for my repeat business and being a valued customer :ROFLMAO:

I have been using this company for 5 or 6 years now with never an issue until now. Its only 140 bucks but its the principal of the situation.
I have now gone elsewhere for my injection supplies and these guys have lost a long time customer over it most of me mates were going there also but they will not order there now either anymore.

Just a word to the masses
Nothing is ever etched in stone or guaranteed regardless of how long your history with a company or individual is.

Is it resolved ?!


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I did. Very small order, maybe 2 weeks ago at most, but I needed it and they came through. Got my confirmation number and had the package maybe 4 days later. No issues.

My experience... I've ordered from them multiple times in the past with no issue at all. Usually very fast shipping too.

Hope the OP gets this sorted out, they seem a solid site from my experience and most I've read on them :)