opinion - best muscle building SARM


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I know they all do different things but curious on everyone's opinion of the best SARM for putting muscle on.
S23, RAD140, LGD, OStarine - would be my list. I like MK677 as well but for different reasons.



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None. To be fair I have never actually used them cause I have never heard enough actual positive irl results where the user was actually sure they were doing anything at all let alone anything comparable to AAS.

Anyone who has been affected by being let down by these products is welcome to join my support group at OSARM.com (Oh Save ARe Money). All proceeds from any donations go to The Institute For People Who Don't Spell Good


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I agree with what Gondar says to be honest.

In my opinion waste of money and that seems to be the general consensus of most who've tried. I ran LGD4033 for 8 weeks and literally got zero from it (it was from a reputable source too). Most SARM users (from what I've seen over on r/PEDs) are all the DYEL crowd who decide that they want an extra "boost" in the gym after lifting for 3 months.


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I did a cycle of what you have listed, minus the ostarine. A beginner cycle of like 500 test a week will blow the doors off a sarm cycle. I do take MK677 every night, but know that HGH would would be way better than the MK, but will take what I can get....


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Thanks for the feedback - agreed SARMS are nothing compares to even a small dose of test or any steroid for that matter. I’m not taking anything right now and haven’t for a long time so decided to try a few. Found RAD140 and S23 to be decent. Ostarine and even LGD - minimal differences. Gained 10 pounds of muscle with Rad, didn’t change my routine or diet so I have to attribute it to RAD140 but who knows.
Expensive for the trade off thought.
Thanks again


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SARMs can be amazing for women and I would suspect that if a man has never used steroids before he would also enjoy some SARM compounds however as a steroid user either on cycle or off your bias is significant.
SARMs will never compete with any injectable steroid unfortunately.


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I’ve seen sarms work absolute wonders on my GF. Haven’t tried them myself yet but I will some day.
I think I’d likely run 2-3 x the “suggested” dose.
Think about the small doses of AAS guys ran 40 years ago. We might be in that mindset with sarms and perhaps not using enough. So when I try em I’ll fucking blast them and see what I can get out of it.

Also I have a buddy that’s in perfect shape 365 days a year, he does 2 moderate AAS cycle per year and runs sarms as a bridge. This guy probably looks better than 98 pct of the gym bros so maybe they are good!?!?


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Thanks 3ml - Some definitely have an affect on me but again, I’m not taking anything else right now and haven’t for a long time.
I’m sure if I was running a cycle and compared - Sarms would lose by a long shot.
S23 and Rad are dose depending but 10 mg of Rad140 and I noticed a diff in a few days, upped it to 30 and that is when I put in 10lbs in a short period. Same with s23.
I have some of the same sides from those two Sarms - affects sex drive in a positive way, more night time erections, and I find it makes my nipples more sensitive - sorry for too much info but that is how test affects me. And they both shrink the nads - especially s23. That can’t be placebo or workout changes, diet changes, etc.


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Ive tried alot of sarms. Rad140, ldg4033 i could notice I was taking something, thats it.
I agree they might be good for women or someone who has not used aas in the past.

Mk677 is a different ballpark and not a sarm.
Ive used mk677 for 2 years and noticable benefits. But I only use it now when I take orals to bump my appetite. Cause orals normally trash my appetite


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Worth remembering that MK677 is not a SARM.
While I agree 100%, it is often grouped in with them for marketing and sales purposes. So you'll often hear MK677 in the same conversation as other SARMs.

I have to agree with the others here, I haven't seen enough real world results from SARMs to even bother giving them a second thought. Although I do think given another 10-20 years these will completely replace traditional steroids.


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re MK677 any one have a reputable lab or name. Seems like everyone and everyone and pete have them in tabs or drops.
I wouldn’t use them. Id spend my money on Aas that work 100 times better and cost 10 times less.


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I have a friend that says he got great results from lgd. He has never used anything stronger than pro hormones, so take that for what it’s worth.


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I wouldn’t use them. Id spend my money on Aas that work 100 times better and cost 10 times less.
This right here!
some are great for PCT...(in my bro science opinion and experience)
but solo?
Tried it, didnt notice a difference on the lifts.
If anything, I lose slight strength and mass while taking it after cycle.


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I ran them at more then twice the normal dose online and it was very meh. I knew not to expect a lot but i had to see for myself. Now i know and i will never bother again


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I used more AS than I'd like to admit from 2000-2006, completely off since 2006. In 2017 I started reading up on the boards again and discovered SARMS. I've gained approximately 20lbs, some water and a little excess fat to be certain but also a considerable amount of lean mass, strength increased tremendously as well. I think a large problem as mentioned earlier is expecting steroid like results when coming off or when your receptors are fried from numerous cycles. RAD 140 is the best SARM I've used out of RAD,LGD and Ostarine. Currently running RAD and MK 677 and have been impressed nearly three weeks in. For someone not looking to go down the AS rabbit hole and specifically injectable AS, SARMS from a reputable lab are worth taking in my opinion.