nobody concerned about evergrande?

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im more concerned about all the bubbles we are in an this will be the bursting event. guess i should have posted that first


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Real concerns is hiking rates when inflation is running high but Labour is not back to pre pandemic levels and the hike could cause a lot of issues.
And here we are LOL

as we discussed evergrande was nothing to worry about
The hawkish bank of Canada and federal reserve and now European Central Bank

looking at raising rates faster to fight inflation in a economy that might not be ready for it


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bonds rallying aggressively
Especially short end 3 month t bills
, equities selling off hard , gold selling off
US dollar rallying ( rush to US dollars as this is to cover liabilities )

that’s when I would be worried
LOL here we are

DXY ( US dollar index) at new all time high
Equities puking
Gold puking
Bonds puked now catching a bid

3 month t bills popping up

VXN ( Nasdaq vol) levels not seen since august 2020

VIX levels of nov 2020

Now this is fear and panic and liquidations

Which is the blood in the streets everyone who read warren buffets and thinks they will catch the bottom

Welcome to the fucking show
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