Movember contest. Cash prize for the winner


Post a before pic and at the end of November your after pic. For each pic have in the picture Canadian brawn and the date

End of the contest judges will pick the best beard moustache grown in november

Winner gets a cash prize of 250 canadian
I need 10 entries to proceed with the contest

Other prices to be determined

So shave off that hair and post your before picture. No need to show your entire face. Just make sure we can see your Canadian brawn sign and start date

Oh and you have until next Friday at 9pm est to enter

Good luck everyone


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I should get my butcher to shave and regrow. That guy has a full beard in a week. After 3 weeks he looked like Grizley Adams.
Whenever I see him without a mask it amazes me.
I only need to shave once a week, I will not be entering, lol.


Darn shame we have no entries

But with this covid crises and such I understand people being preoccupied