I need one video.. one perfect video


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I have a deal with a friend in ontario who is complete opposite of me politcially. THey believe Trudeua SHOULD envoke emergnecies act to control things.. THey deny covid is anything but a real pandamecis.. they deny the WEF is controlling things.. They deniy covid was created in a lab etc..

They have promised me to watch ONE video with an open mind to see if i can get them to see things differently..

What video/podcast/clip should I show them


They can start on episode 1 - if they still don’t give a fuck then don’t bother
If they’re curious even in the slightest they will have more.


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For over a year and a half now we have been posting videos, podcasts, interviews, medical papers etc. We’ve had debates and arguments. And still people here, intelligent, counter culture, street wise dudes are still lining up for their boosters because they believe the narrative.
You may just have to thin your list of friends on this one. However, if you are going to try I would maybe tell them that there is no single video that can change their opinion seeing as it’s based on 2yrs of cnn dogma. Instead try the discredit the whole by discrediting a portion. Ask them what part they hold the most strongly to and then we can pick a video that shows them what they’ve been told is a lie. I always think the hcq iver argument is an easy win. But let them choose.