HGH questions - advice appreciated


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Hello Fam

I had a few questions regarding HGH.
I just started last week at 2iu twice daily x 7 days a week.
2iu in the morning and fast for 30min
2iu in evening before bed

Goal is some muscle growth benefits but long term = longevity, skin, sleep, mood, etc

I’ve been doing some research and have some questions.
1. Taking 4iu a day, will that cause me to stop making my own GH if I stop?
2. is it better to take in 2 dose or just 1 dose before bed (I read at night is best and also read better to break it up)
3. Dosing: I just started right at 4iu a day as my friend who does it gave me that advice but reading now it sounds like it’s better to ramp it up over time?
4. Is eating 30min after taking it ok or will that affect the absorption?
5. Is it better to do 5 on and 2 off? I read both ways are doable but if I wanted my body to rebound maybe it’s better 5/2?

Thanks fam!
Have a great day

You should start at 2 and go up from there based on results and side effects.

If doing 4/day, split it like you are currently doing

The longer you stay fasted after injecting the better results in terms of fat loss you will experience (the mechanism as I understand it is HGH causes glycogen to be released into the bloodstream to be used for energy. Burn energy = fat loss).

5 on / 2 off did have a benefit for me in terms of side effects in my hands. The two days off allowed me to drop some water, get rid of some puffiness and ease the tendon discomfort in my hands. Having said that once you start up again the water quickly comes back and so does the sides in my hands. I currently shoot every day. Regarding water retention - watch your BP, it may surprise you.

General comments - the dosage you are looking at will be most beneficial for getting cut. For putting on muscle it is my understanding that higher dosages are used along with insulin. I will not give any advice in that area. I understand that 6/day and up is where insulin comes into play. I did try 6/day for a brief time but could barely stay awake lol.

If great sleep is what you are going for you may be disappointed. It actually upset my sleep pattern and was quite annoying - I love my sleep. It did ease up a bit over time (4 or 5 months). Your dreams will be vivid and bizarre and that still hasn’t gone away for me.

Do it for at least 6 months before you judge how it has worked for you.

Depending on your age you may not notice some of the benefits older people like myself do. I originally wanted to use it to get cut but after regular use over time I noticed being sharper mentally, better skin, hair and nails grow rapidly and just an overall sense of wellbeing.

You will probably play with the dosage like I did at first in order to find your sweet spot. I landed on 3/day. I still haven’t decided if before bed or in the morning works best for me, I’m still playing with that. But like I mentioned, if you go more than 3/day split it up.

All of my HGH usage is combined with AAS. There really is a synergistic advantage to combining the two. 1+1=3.

Hope you get the results you’re looking for. I really love the stuff and hope to be on for a loooooong time 😂