Gym Nation Fort McMurray


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If your looking for a place to train in Fort McMurray Gym Nation has it all. Most of the serious lifters in town train here and the atmosphere is really good they have ample equipment so it isn't very often your standing around waiting for someting and the same goes for Cardio equipment.

-2 deadlifts platforms
-2 squat racks
-Double of almost all equipment
-Great atmosphere
-Loads of cardio equipment
- Staff

-They need better bars they only have 2 -Texas deadlift bars.
- Happy hour from 7-9 it is packed but still lots of available equipment.


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whaaaat? kings not open anymore with their 40yo equipment? one year i got a membership for $200 and included unlimited tanning. bulbs were so old that they were probably putting out x-rays.
No man Kings hasn't been open in a very long time lol, Gym Nation opened downtown as Worlds but when they got the facility in Timberlee they changed the name besides the good life in Red Deer it is hands down the best gym I've ever been in.