Friggin J hooks always get in the way


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So your getting onto the bench and you shove your self way up under the bar so its about around your waist, you plant your feet and grab the bar and you push your self down under the bar and tighten your legs for a great leg push. You then squeeze the bar, squeeze your middle back together and shoulders into their sockets and down towards your hips for tightness and a bit of an arch. You go to pull the bar off the rack and you realize your have to lift the bar up over the inch to inch and a half j hook. When you do this you lose the squeeze in your traps and shoulders into their sockets and your big bench double or single goes to crap. I purchases a squat rack that was heavy duty however had inch and a half j hooks. I solved that. I got out the trusty hacksaw and took an inch and a quarter off (see attached). I now have a lip of a quarter inch and I can almost drag the bar off on a heavy bench press without compromising my trap and shoulder tightness. My presses go well now. If your gym has benches with long j hooks (Goodlife) it would pay you to buy replacement j hooks for the standard squat rack, take them to the gym, place them at the proper height in the squat rack and bench in the squat rack. Better than curling in the squat rack It has helped my heavy benches immensely.