Domestic equipment supply ?


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Looking for domestic source for homebrewing supplies, need everything but the raws... kinda wanna get into it to save myself money, and in case anything goes wrong in the world anytime soon.

Any help is appreciated brothers! Thanks.


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Buy needles
Canadian medical supply
Are the 3 websites I primarily use.. I also use Amazon for alot of stuff too


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Fucking cheap!!!
I buy tips a dollar a piece and barrels 50 cents.... 150$ or 22$??? Hmmmm i think im gunna switch lol


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Avoid buyneedles

I emailed them for someone here
They never responded
Now you might find this egotistical but if they do not respond to me. trust me that is a very bad sign
I was going to try them without looming up more references for legitimacy because you were the one who recommended them... who now do you get em from?


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Sorry to bump this thread but amazon really ?

I used to use GPZ Canada, anyone knows what happened to them lol, a little while ago :)