Concern over kidneys/general health


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@ironwill posted a study on olive oil previously with impressive results. If the stats listed in several papers are accurate, EVOO is impressive.
There are endless studies to read if you go to medical sites. From a 'BB lifestyle' olive oil is a great way to add healthy fats / calories to your diet when your on a low carbohydrate diet and need energy.
Do your research and make up your own mind but from what I read this a reasonable priced, easily accessible food that can easily be added to your diet. I prefer to use it towards the end of the day (one of my last two meals). Most often take a tablespoon with my cottage cheese snack.
I think most folks may be aware.
Not all evoo is created or packaged equally.
Lots are cut with seed oils. There are some great brands out there still, but do research on the brands you choose, it can be detrimental to add in seed oils as they cause a lot of inflammation etc.


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You can do a BP check on arm, and a BP check at ankle, compare the two taken within minutes of each other, then divide and you will get a number. That number is very similar to calcium score.
It takes the difference between the 2, if a great difference, you have some stiff arteries and plaque formation in the body. It is very accurate and works well for trending. Calcium scores are not easy to make a time trend, this method is easy to trend. Sorbate, i know you are pulling your BP checker out now, you may need the large size cuff for ankles...
Ensure you do the same ankle and arm if trending over time and same area on ankles.
Ankle- Brachial index score.

Here is a link to explain, and save is real, and accurate., i have been doing this for awhile now opposed to calcium score

This is very cool, I have never come across this process before?


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so lets say they both are 110/66 does that mean we have good flow?
Yes you bet iron sing, you want them to be as close as possible together. If large deviation on ankle there is a problem, i think i posted the exact math to figure it out.
We can check blood clots on any artery, not just this process.