clenbuterol for women


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I am thinking about doing clenbuterol for weight loss. I am having trouble losing weight. i currently weigh 209lbs.

what is a good starting dose for a beginner?
Are there any severe side affects from taking clen?


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I personally would not recommend clen!
I would look at your diet first make modifications to that and as a beginner you can always try Eca I still get good results from that! As long as diet is in check


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Agree with above trend. I've personally never done it, for above reasons, but seems lots of other good options.

Have a solid weight lifting program, do cardio or increase it, have a good diet plan, watch your calories, carbs and sugars. And for that extra Id say start with EC stack, or maybe even a product like torch. You could even alternate between the 2, maybe taking breaks in between.

I personally suggest a multivatiman as well, keep your bases covered on the extra strain on the body, and the nutrients we deplete with some unique diets. Things like a multi, calcium, a joint supplement, vitamin C and D, usually wouldn't hurt anyone to add to their routine.

I know, lots to it, but at same time there isn't. It's just hard work. It takes time, but keep track of measurements so when you see any progress it tracked and it'll motivate you to keep focused. You can do it.


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I have thought about what you said. i have changed my mind. thank you
Have you tried counting calories? What is your daily intake? How much cardio do you do a week?

I agree with everyone else.

My side effects with clen

-extreme fatigue. I would fall asleep 30-45 minutes after taking it
-loss of attention and focus
-short term memory loss
-troubles recalling information
-heart pounding through my chest
-anxiety and a feeling of failure

The most I ever took was 75mcg.


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I do have some experience with both yes, low carb not true 100% keto though, but similar.

They definitely go together for dieting. Lots of things can really. It is going to depend (in my experience at least) on your calories and your cardio. Personally I'd find what amount of calls I'm eating now. Take 2 weeks, eat as you already do, track everything closely. Your gym program as well. If you stayed the same weight/same measurements or even gained a little, then lower your calories. maybe by about 5 to 10% for say 2 to 4 weeks. See how your progress is going. Then maybe increase your cardio (calories burned) by an extra 500 to 1000 a week. do that for 2 to 4 weeks. Repeat these based on how you look, feel, and measure.

Then, when that starts to stall, then look at adding the albuterol or what have you. This is just one approach, an approch I like to use. It can work, but it relies on makin a plan, and working hard to hit your goals. :)


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I would recommend Noom. Get your diet under control. At 30 the only drug you need is dhea.
I have no idea how tall, but unless you are over 6’ I would get the diet under control first.

Steroids, Clen is the icing on the cake, not the fluffy middle, lol.

If it was me and you need some motivation and hunger management, go to Popeyes and buy ephedrine.
Cheap, fairly safe as long as you don’t abuse it.