Bull's PT-141 Adventure


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Well I am curious now
Do you need some sort of stimulation? Or do you just walk around with a raging hard on till it wears off?

How would you compare it to Cialis or Viagra
If the wind blows, you get hard. Think about anything sexual and boom. I’ve been a user since 2009. I’m still doing well. It hasn’t created a dependency or anything of that sort. Again, this stuff also makes the desire much higher. In men and women. Just sayn.
I’m very glad to hear the bull is a young bull again. I get crazy headaches etc from coal is and Viagra. Nothing bad from this stuff at all.
I have no issues with wood etc. But I do like to have crazy nights now and then, it makes it crazier than when I was 15, lol no kidding.
Sorry to hijack your log bull. I just get stoked about this product and one of our board sponsors should jump on the wagon I hope.