Bulls prediction for the future


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For years we would see tv in Japan, and other eastern countries and see some people wearing masks.
I know I found it odd and strange behavior.

My prediction is those that saw masks being worn by everyone for the first time are the last people in our world to see crowds of people walking around without masks.
I am betting the use of masks continues and becomes the new normal.
People will wear them when they are sick or when they think they might get infected by others.

That’s interesting, really makes one think. Now that I think about it I agree many will continue wearing the masks, but I don’t think it’ll stop there. There is and will continue to be a new paranoia and fear of anyone that so much as coughs or sneeze, yawns or laughs out loud, and it will be those who will continue wearing the masks that’ll be those Karens. And at the same token I’m seeing more and more people not complying with the mask wearing rules, they just don’t give a shit anymore. Both sides of the spectrum are going to be very pronounced once mandates are over