BTC dipping super hard and ALT coins following


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Agreed this won't be the top down the road. I think we are gonna go somewhat lower, shake people out. I think we will have a little bearish patch here of 12 to 18 months.
Dollar cost averaging is your friend at these times.
Exactly. None of the fundamentals have changed. There was just some fud along with extreme greed and overuse of leveraged long positions on bitcoin on unregulated exchanges which led to this mini bear market we are in. The reason we got this crash was really that bitcoin fundamentals have never been so strong as they are right now which led to the coin gaining too much value too quickly. As a result we are going to have an overall bull market more like the first one with two cycle tops and its going to last long into 2022 if not 2023. Big money has been buying this dip and retail has been selling it. Eventually the tide will turn and retail will fomo back in but never regain the amount of bitcoin they had previously.
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How’s the coin market doing these days I just kinda started taking interest Nd haven’t been following for any amount of time


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How’s the coin market doing these days...

This about sums it up for most of us


Buy the dip!