Bacteriostatic Water

I got a flat of 25 vials of 30ml bac water from not long ago

Edit cuz it looks like they're out now but theyll get it back in
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Fack, everyone is out where I’m at. Tried even Walmart.
Canadian Medical Supplies (CMS), some UGL's that you are likely familiar with (may not be on older lists), midwife medical supply places (or whatever they are called), small independent pharmacies, amazon? not sure about .ca though. Got my last couple at a small independent medical supply place.

Those small independent pharmacies can be a very valuable resource with excellent prices for all kinds of shit, I've picked up some things for what I'm guessing was way below cost, including bac water
Google said just boil water, collect the steam and the steam collected is good enough. Bac water is a weird thing I tried getting it once and they wouldn't sell it to me cause "it's on a shortage" o yea, sterile water with a bit of alc? Lol