Anybody try kratom?

It's interesting to hear about your experiences with it and how it differs based on dosage and individual tolerance. It's definitely concerning when substances get demonized due to misuse, especially if they have potential benefits when used responsibly. Sharing experiences and insights is what makes forums like this valuable. If you're interested in exploring other natural products, you might want to check out these HHC xxxxxxxxtxxxxxxxx for a different experience.
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Kratom upsets my stomach at 2tsp. but the caffeine or whatever jolt is like having a can of rockstar.
No upset stomach at one heaping teaspoon, but have only found that Maeng Da strain is the only one that gives me this boost, so I'd only been consuming that strain only before a workout.

The only juice that has worked for me that would help mask the taste when tossing and washing has been the clamato juice or any vegetable cocktail. tried other methods and always gagged and spit it out, freaking horrible taste/texture.