2021 Picture thread for Canadian Brawn T-Shirts


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The 4xl fit just right, 3xl a bit tight ... I gave a couple of 2 xl's to my son ... very good looking t's... I wear them all the time. I must look like a big advertisement for Canadian Brawn lol:cool:
Dang...Big dude.


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Oh I’m so fat I have no abs, lol.
yeah not bad for 2 months of training. I can’t wait till I get a full year in. Then I’ll actually look like something, lol.

thx for the compliment.
LOL I feel ya homie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 280lbs BUT not my style of 280lbs over here


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Wifey loves her new CB shirt and toque. She said take a couple pics for the boys.

Hint hint turn up your phones brightness😉


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