2020 Football Pool


Haha we will see what happens.
Any other side bets boys? Really makes it interesting haha
All of my RB’s have a severe question mark. They could get the most touches.... they could get none.

it’s my fault for missing the draft and auto drafting fucking Kenyan drake like 16th overall.... fuck my entire life!


Speaking of drake..... awesome like zero direction on whether him or Edmonds will start and who will carry the lion share of carries. Too bad too because buffalo can’t stop the run.

probably a mistake but I subbed in Benard against a pretty stout pitt D that just got Big Ben back and probably has something to prove after almost shitting the bed last week in Dallas.

sigh. Fack!


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Wow brother. It’s a bad week if you don’t hit even 80 points

Wouldn’t mind adding some test e to be less flaccid!!!!