This was probably the first board that I was on, my user name back then was BTCC short for Born To Clear Cut lol. There was very little talk about steroids it was all about Prohormones. The most outstanding feature was there were no rules, literally. It was a free for all, the flaming on there was insane. I've never ever seen anything like it. At the time I just assumed thats how all boards were. They had mod's but I have no idea what their role was. I guess the owners at some point decided that enough was enough and started to get a grip on their board. They started coming down hard on the flaming, a lot of members openly said that if they started enforcing these new rules that they'd leave, and they did. It became a ghost town almost over night.


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I remember this one from way back! I actually loved their profiles on all the different prohormones on their website.


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1F4 was back in the prohormone wild wild west days (1AD and 4-andro). I remember using their transdermals for a couple cycles with great success. His company blew up very quickly. Wonder what he's up to now.


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I remember rhey had a pretty good supplement line. Alot of bulk products for decent prices