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    Generic vs Pharma

    Looking for some real world feedback from guys who have run both generic and pharma GH...what differences do you notice between the two? Thanks for your 2 cents.
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    The RESET

    Hey Guys, I wanted to post my protocol for what I call the "Reset"...I kinda stumbled on this by accident years ago because I was on moderately dosed cycle and going on a 2 week vacation that I didn't want to try to smuggle pins and oils along in my luggage so instead I just hid some proviron...
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    Has anyone tried these guys? They have an interesting list of pharmacy products and they ship to Canada which is a big plus...might place an order to see if it's legit. Their price on Caber is great if it's real UpJohn product. All my old pharmacy sources stopped shipping to Canada. Decent...