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  1. storman

    my squat life

    I just finished doing legs in the basement and i thought i would share this. I havent squatted in over 10 years due to shoulder issues and just shitty balance. I always did hacks and leg presses and my legs did fine but in the back of my mind i always thought i was missing out. I just got a rack...
  2. storman

    in stock dumbbells

    Obviously there is a major shortage of these in online canadian retailers but it seems some things are slowly coming back in stock. I assume im not the only one checking these places a few times a week for any change so i figured we needed a place we people can post what they find so others dont...
  3. storman

    android boxes or other

    Ive never had one so i have no idea what im doing. Also not into gaming Can anyone recommend a good box to get that i can set up as much free shit as possible without being a savvy computer guy? I dont mind spending a couple hundred, if its decent
  4. storman

    quad injury

    Had a nice big pop while doing leg presses today in my quad. Called it a day and went home and iced it on and off for a few hours. It is stiff when bending the leg and some pain when going up/down stairs, but no pain when standing straight. No discolor and just mild swelling. Is there any chance...
  5. storman

    Draacorex's Superprimo log by Storman

    This beautiful stuff just showed up in my mailbox 30 mins ago and i already got 1 ml in my quad. To those who dont know. SuperPrimo is 100mg of primo ace and 25mg of Superdrol per ml. When looking at the oil i noticed it was pretty thin so i decided to try and load and inject with the slin pins...
  6. storman

    Changing compounds

    I watched a vid where Fouad said he switches compounds up every 4 weeks. So he will run test and tren and eq then switch the tren and eq for deca and primo then switch to harsher shit again 4 weeks after that. This is not the first time ive heard of "pro's" doing this. Do you believe this to be...
  7. storman

    Manson and rob zombie

    Seen these guys last night. Great fucking show Seen manson before in the early 90's, before sweet dreams came out and he was cool but now hes just a fat bloated pig lol. Decent show but you could tell he was drunk. First time seeing zombie and holy shit, what a performer. Sounds awesome and...
  8. storman

    s4 and lgd experiment starts tomorrow

    I have been curious about these sarms for a while so i just said decided to give them a shot to see if or what these these things can do. Ive been cruising at 250 test for a month or so now so it should be easy to spot any changes in anything. Im going to run these 2 at slightly higher then...
  9. storman

    for healing what would you rather take?

    Im thinking mk 677 and ostarine or bpc 157 and tb 500 Ive done the peps before but i dont think i ran the tb 500 high enough. That shit can rack up if you do some of the doses ive seen online
  10. storman

    stanolone users

    To the fellas with experience with this. How would you compare 100mg (1ml) inject stanolone to oral winstrol at the same dose? Going to the Dominican at the end of oct and was looking at giving this a shot.
  11. storman

    sup people

    Im glad theres still a place to hang out. Hopefully it becomes as successful as the last