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  1. storman

    Daily Supplements Taken

    coffee and lots of it. Should be taking things that i have but never seem to remember
  2. storman

    Anti histamine with tren ?

    or your body trying to expel the demon you just injected in your delt
  3. storman

    Night sweats

    No just a cover with "cooling technology" whatever the fuck that is but it seems to work pretty good
  4. storman

    Night sweats

    we bought a cooling mattress cover when we got our last bed. It doesnt feel cold unless your directly on top of it (supposed to use sheet over top) but it helps a lot. Think it was couple hundred for a king size
  5. storman

    If you could choose one favourite compound...?

    I dont run it very often but winstrol for me. Cheque drops are fun too if you can find them. But like many others, im getting older and harsh compounds are on the way out. It would be great if i could justify the cost of a lot of quality GH but i just cant in this stage of my life. Still too...
  6. storman


    I tried it from 2 different places and i found that it did not live up to the hype. I was mainly using it for the strength and aggression. I did get headaches from it tho.
  7. storman

    Whats the least tren you have ever run?

    I would probably say 200 tren e but thats me. The only real side i get from tren is heart burn
  8. storman

    Whats the least tren you have ever run?

    100mg of tren for me is like taking a baby asprin
  9. storman

    Whats the least tren you have ever run?

    I did 100mg/week only because i was on a cruise and i thought i was drawing from a test e bottle but it was TNT instead
  10. storman

    Annika wet t-shirt 😃

    I didnt. I kept scrolling down trying to see more but it didnt work
  11. storman

    Breakfast of champions

    Those are good I know i got a big bag of blue hearts in this house somewhere but fuck me if i can find them
  12. storman

    PT 141 experiences

    I found it took 3 or 4 hours to kick in for me. Dont remember how long the effects lasts but my experience was not as good as Bull's. It did make me feel like shit for a while tho. My advice is try a low dose first
  13. storman

    When do you have too much muscle for Sports?

    I played hockey from the age of 5 till highschool and i was pretty decent. A couple of years ago my work got involved in a ball hockey tournament. It was hot as shit so i had no shirt on and all the other teams were looking at me in dread. Yet did they realize that i would be the most useless...
  14. storman

    When do you have too much muscle for Sports?

    All i know is i used to be a good swimmer. Now i just sink and i look retarded in a life jacket
  15. storman

    my squat life

    Im still rockn my 10 year old do wins. Great shoes but i think im due for a new pair
  16. storman

    my squat life

    crappy tire has plate sets on. 4 10lbs and 2 5lb for 89 bucks. Ordered the last 2 sets they had and picking them up today just for next weeks workout. Upper back is a little sore so i must of been leaning forward a little and powering through it. Have to work on that
  17. storman

    my squat life

    Ya something like that is on my wish list. Having a decent leg workout at home is nice Probably still going to buy a good safety squat bar but straps will do for now
  18. storman

    my squat life

    No i just put the straps on the bar and using them as handles in front of me. I cant get my hands on the bar to do a back squat to save my life
  19. storman

    my squat life

    Im just glad that all the years of stacking the leg press and hack squats carried over to squats. To be honest, i was kinda nervous before i did the 315 set because i really dont have great balance. But doing them like this i felt very planted and secure so i added weight. But im not sure if i...