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  1. kibrood

    Red Zone Gym BS

    Worked out at a Fit4Less this morning. First of all good luck trying to book a workout time. It was bad enough when they were allowed 50 people, but now with 10 people it's fucked. You can only book the next two days in advance - because there are limited spots you have to wait until midnight to...
  2. kibrood

    MENT and Estro

    I'm thinking of added some ment into my cycle and was wondering what your recommendations would be on AI/SERMs. I'm currently on 400mg Test E+525mg Tren. I have never ran into any estro or progest issues even on 1 gram of test or 600+ mg of tren, But I know ment is a different beast when it...
  3. kibrood

    Sweat to get Sexy - DNP Run with PGAnabolics

    Been about 6 years since I did my first run of DNP (dnitro, 250mg crystal per cap). I got up to two caps and was walking death by about day 7, quit at day 10. I lost 14 lbs in 10 days plus another 4 lbs when the water dropped a good week after. Any one interested in that run can google kibrood...