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  1. DeezNutz

    Discovery: Molecule That Regulates Exercise Adaptation

    Interesting read: Molecule that regulates muscle adaptation to exercise is discovered "Our results show that succinate leaves muscle cells during exercise and sends their neighbors signals that induce a process of muscle tissue remodeling," Ferreira explained to Agência FAPESP. "The motor...
  2. DeezNutz

    Rouska Crushed It!

    This 23 year old is on fire. 2 tested world records in one meet. I know these weren't naked lifts but he's still a beast! Look forward to watching what this kid can do in the future. Where do they grow humans like this? Ashton Rouska Sets 2 Tested All-Time World Records
  3. DeezNutz

    Any Gym Owners On CB?

    Hey All, I was wondering if anyone here owns a gym. I know current circumstances are not ideal but I'm looking towards the future and could use some guidance. Please post here or pm me if you'd be ok with shooting the shit. Thanks!
  4. DeezNutz

    Patellofemoral pain

    Hey @PhysLifter, First of all, thanks providing this invaluable service to the board. I’ve never had a real knee injury before, so I guess it was bound to happen with my sports and lifting background (not to mention I’m creeping up in age and still redline like a twenty year old). Any help in...
  5. DeezNutz

    Krav Maga

    What’s up Ladies and Gents, It’s time for me to find another hobby. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of getting into Krav Maga and was hoping some of you may be in the know. My main questions being: A. How do I best choose a Krav Maga instructor? B. What questions should I ask them to...
  6. DeezNutz

    Ventroglute Issues and Question

    Hey Everyone, I’m hoping you could help me out. I’ve been having difficulty doing VG shots. All of the videos and literature I’ve come across are instructions for healthcare professionals administering the shot to their patients. I can’t for the life of me find any videos or graphics that...
  7. DeezNutz

    Tapatalk Integration

    Having Admin’d a board, I know the initial board setup takes a while. Kudos to Bull and Admin here for the rebuild. That said, future Tapatalk integration would be awesome. I know a lot of the old NM members used it. It also elevates the awareness of the board for those searching for Canadian...
  8. DeezNutz

    What’s up guys and gals!

    Good to have a new home! Unfortunately I spelled my name wrong, but it’s the same ol’ Deez. New digs are looking good and load times are much quicker! Can an admin change my name back to DeezNutz?