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  1. Cheapshot

    Gyms these days

    I dont really go to public gyms other then the one at work. But every video i see online people are training with no shirts. Is this common now? Lol. Or do the just do it for the
  2. Cheapshot

    Baseball player suspended 80 games for PED use

    Never even heard of that one, Clostebol
  3. Cheapshot


    What does everyone like for headphones? Im probably gonna buy a new set. Was thinking the bose sport earbuds or maybe a set of the samsung ear buds.
  4. Cheapshot

    Exclusion training?

    No idea what its called, but basically when you stop training or using certain bodyparts to allow others to grow. An example would be Devon Larratt, he stopped using his left arm for 2 years qnd his right arm grew like a crab. Im thinking about trying this with my legs and just train legs twice...
  5. Cheapshot

    Nightshift discussion

    Moving to nightshift for the first time in my life. Done 4 days so far. Just looking for tips or tricks to make it easier on the body. So far im not tired but dropped from normally sleeping 7 hours to about 5hrs of decent sleep. I know there was a bloodwork post about raising cortisol? Lets hear...
  6. Cheapshot


    Whats everyone have for TVs good or bad? MY old LG plasma is finally dying. Shuts off randomly now. About 12-15 years old. Gonna be looking for a deal on a new one. Leaning towards a sony 65" so far
  7. Cheapshot

    Whos buying crypto?

    Im kinda on the fence to buy now or let it drop more. I think this latest dip is great for crypto, might push out all the shitcoins and let Bitcoin really shine. What are you guys thinking, im kinda a newbie. If I can get 1 BTC under 15k Im gonna have a hard time not pulling the trigger.
  8. Cheapshot

    Words of wisdom from Dorian

    Some great info. I practice this for sure. Wake up call for some of you.
  9. Cheapshot

    Ufc 274

    What do you guys think about this one? Im betting on the upsets this time. Im all in on Gaethje , hes one of my favorite fighters. Here's my underdog picks Gaethje 2.30 Rua 3 to 1 Ferguson 4 to 1 Cerrone as well but hes the favorite
  10. Cheapshot

    Work ethic

    Does anyone have work erhic anymore, fuck irs frustrating cleaning up work for a whole other crew. Yesterday I spent the whole day redoing work that was signed off just a few days ago. Everything I pull apart lately is missing pieces or together wrong. Just useless workers and lazy as fuck. Am...
  11. Cheapshot

    How long have you trained?

    I started 20 years ago, but took 5 good years off to so its been 15 years training, about 8 years were natural
  12. Cheapshot

    Happy Birthday Dorian Yates

    Figured since we mostly post about bodybuilder deaths. Lets make this one positive. DY turned 60 today!
  13. Cheapshot

    Pick Cheapshots Next Cycle!!!

    The time has come, I feel pretty good. Starting to plateau again. I have been on 125 trt for around 2 years with the odd 2 week oral blast. Sorry its nothing exciting Never ran EQ and thats the last choice in my head. The mg are per week.
  14. Cheapshot

    Jay cutler on cycles and doses

    Decent interview with cutler being open about what he actually ran. Sounds like he would fit in great here. I am sorry this is a Doucette interview...
  15. Cheapshot

    Our prayers are answered!! Pierre Poilievre!!!

    Finally hes had enough and Hes gonna run for PM to save this country.
  16. Cheapshot

    Pants, underwear, what do you do?

    I dont have big legs by any means, but I have pretty much given up on jeans, I wear sweatpants daily. Boxers are just getting annoying, always riding up my legs and cutting of circulation, especially when sitting. I have the saxx and mypackage, they just dont work what do you guys do? No...
  17. Cheapshot

    Crypto Deals!!

    Holy crypto is taking a hit. Im waiting for it to bottom out but theres too many choices..haha
  18. Cheapshot


    I recently got a french press and found a new love for good coffee. Just wondering what everyone drinks? I like to try new kinds. Im buying the bulletproof beans off amazon right now and its good.
  19. Cheapshot

    King of the table