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  1. trenaddik

    Magnetic hotplate stirrer

    Anyone using this ? Which model ? Is it worth it ? The good ones ive seen are like 300$ + :/
  2. trenaddik

    CrazySteroids Raws

    Anyone bought from them ? How is the quality of the raws. They ship domestic also !
  3. trenaddik

    Clenbuterol. Liquid vs Tablets

    I was wondering what are your opinions on clen.. Either liquid or in tablets.. Also , Which labs carries the STRONGEST clen in your opinion. Back in the days i used to take rui products clenbuterol.. Strongest clen i have ever taken.. IMHO , Liquid is the best and not in a spray.. You cant...
  4. trenaddik

    Is it legal to import Melanotan 2 ?

    Can it be held at customs if i buy a bunch of mt2 ?? Lets say 50 vials
  5. trenaddik


    Whats your experiences with it ?!
  6. trenaddik

    Anyone brewing their own test?

    Hey ! whos brewing their own test ?