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  1. Peter Akara

    Opti + Pareto Goodies

    After seeing Opti-Canada & Pareto team up on a Christmas Eve auction, I had to reach out for another cycle worth of products from these fantastic labs. Very happy to share my latest haul from @Opti ! See my cross posts over at the Opti-Canada thread and Opti + Pareto lab review posts for full...
  2. Peter Akara

    Cycle #2 - Winter Bulk

    Hey fellas, Planning my second cycle (winter bulk) right now. Would love any feedback/thoughts from those more experienced than me. Will make a proper log in the other section once I finalize everything and start mid Dec Summary: 1st Cycle: Test 500 + Anavar kickstarter. HCG throughout. Asin...
  3. Peter Akara

    Proposed First Cycle - Thoughts?

    30yo, 5'9" aprox 10% BF @ 160 lb. Looking to start my first cycle 1-week from today. Have pre-cycles labs being done tomorrow. Looking for any advice on the regimen before pulling the trigger: Wk 1: Test E 250mg E3.5D Wk 2: Test E 250mg E3.5D + Asin 12.5mg E3.5D* Wk 3: Test E 250mg E3.5D + Asin...