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  1. Oldguyjiujitsu

    Murders only in the Building

    This is different than the typical series out right now and really well done. Its a great mystery and really funny and well acted. Takes a couple of episodes to fully get into it but well worth the time. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez are great. It got 100% on Rotten Tomato.
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    Ted Lasso

    Family binge watched this weekend. Real good show. Very funny and with all the darkness in the world today, great to see a story about a truly positive, optimistic person. Rotten Tomato gave it 91%, not sure i ever seen a show rated that high.
  3. Oldguyjiujitsu

    what ever happened to gym camaraderie??

    When i grew up in the one wore headphones, the gym played real music and all the regulars knew each other and would be social. You did not need a training partner as you could just give the guy next to you a nod and he would gladly give you a lift off or spot. And then catch your eye...
  4. Oldguyjiujitsu

    Leg Training....Hmmmmm interesting results

    Due to training at home, i have been doing a ton of barbell back squats, barbell front squats, barbell rows, stiff leg deadlifts, trap bar deadlifts, etc and my lower back has been getting angry. To give my lower back a break i switched to all kettlebells for a few weeks: Kettlebell cleans...
  5. Oldguyjiujitsu

    When do you have too much muscle for Sports?

    At UFC last night Rodolfo Vieiro gassed and lost by submission. He is arguably one of the greatest grapplers in the last 10 years...7 world titles. He fought at 185 but according to people i know he was just under 220 fight time. He definitely takes advantage of testing policies where you are...
  6. Oldguyjiujitsu

    Oldguyjiujitsu and Sorbate's Road to 50!

    Well @Sorbate and i turn 50 Summer 2021. The plan is to simply look our best at 50. Over the last few months we have been hijacking everyone else's threads to wage our informal it time to create our own thread. What will you see if you follow along?? That is unpredictable...we...
  7. Oldguyjiujitsu

    Who Counts Calories?

    So we all know consistency with diet, training and sleep are key to long term progress...But who here actually takes the time to count calories whether on maintenance, bulk or cut?? I have always prided myself on discipline. I eat clean 95% of the i get older i eat fewer and fewer...
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    Bodybuilding Reality!

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    In Other News

    For those sick of talking about Covid, here is other important news out of the US... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Covid 19: DHEA and the Immune System

    Here is an excerpt from an email I received today from my TRT doctor to his patients:
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    TRT and DHEA

    DHEA - my TRT Dr has been encouraging me to take DHEA for the past few years but i have always declined because the reviews have been marginal at best. This year my DHEA levels were well below the normal scale and my cortisol level are well above the normal range (stressful year). Dr convinced...
  12. Oldguyjiujitsu

    Classic Stove Top Picture...

    Could not resist. 25llbs of pure joy...took up the whole stove top and i got a large 5 burner stove top.
  13. Oldguyjiujitsu

    UFC - Rodolfo Vieira

    So Rodolfo has been one of the most dominant jiu jitsu players on the professional jiu jitsu scene for the past 5 years. Last night he made his debut in UFC. The boy was me this is an outstanding physique for 185 (likely around 200 fight time). i will be very curious to see if he...
  14. Oldguyjiujitsu

    Ok...if your vegan, why would you want your plant to taste like meat??

    This is a question that has bothered me since the whole Beyond Meat thing started. I get if you want to be don't want to eat meat for various reason...I don't agree but you do you. BUT why would a vegan want a highly processed plant to taste like meat? Then i read this LOL
  15. Oldguyjiujitsu

    What It Takes To Get Huge

    There is nothing new in this video but its a realllllly good summary and Luke is entertaining.
  16. Oldguyjiujitsu

    UFC 238 picks

    Ferguson stops Cerrone in a barn burner. Could be fight of the year. Hurts him with strikes and then subs him in the 2nd Moraes beats the champ Cejudo. Just more technical on the feet. Decision Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Oldguyjiujitsu

    Training partners?

    Nice light topic for a holiday Monday... I pick Dorian all day, every day.
  18. Oldguyjiujitsu

    Bodybuilding: Lifestyle, sport or ??

    I view bodybuilding/weight lifting as a lifestyle that includes training, nutrition, cardio, recovery, etc 365 days per year. I may not be huge but i try to maintain a view of my abs year round because that is healthy and my goal is to make small incremental gains over the long haul. I do...
  19. Oldguyjiujitsu

    MMA - Anyone miss pride and some of the old school, true mma??

    the good news is One Fighting headed up by Rich Franklin has started streaming their events on YouTube. Unlike UFC they allow head kicks and knees on the groun and fighers are not encouraged to ONLY slug it out on the feet. If you want to remember what old school mma was about watch just the...