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  1. OmegaBravo7

    HCG Set Up

    My first rodeo with HCG. How much bac water do I mix with the HCG? Each HCG vial is 5,000iu 2ml ampule solution came with it. I thought it was 5ml mixed into the hcg. I'm using slin pins 2 wks: 1,500iu per injection 2 wks: 1,000iu per injection
  2. OmegaBravo7

    Opening a Gym

    I've been toying with the idea of opening up a gym. I've already been really dissapointed with the way most gyms are run these days and it only continues to get worse. Especially post-covid, it's going to be a shit show. I have plans lined up for the next 24 months or so, so my ideal time of...
  3. OmegaBravo7

    Fertility on TRT or Super Long Cycles

    I’m looking for some solid and reliable advice from you level headed bros with experience in this regard. I’ll make it real short. I want to get on TRT and stay on. I’m also going to be doing 6-8 month cycles consisting of high dose of test amongst some other orals and the occasional tren...
  4. OmegaBravo7

    Great Garden Hose brands?

    Looking for a great, if not the best, all around garden hose. Price not that much of a factor. The Underhill Ultramax Premium blue 3/4" looks great, love the colour. I just can't seem to locate one local, can get from US Amazon but takes a whopping 3 weeks to receive. My only concern with...
  5. OmegaBravo7

    Domain for Email

    I've been using safe-mail but not happy with it What domains are recommended for them discreet private emails Preferably something with a decent amount of free space
  6. OmegaBravo7

    Enough is enough with this pandemic management

    I was more for Trudeau than against. But the way this pandemic has been managed is fucking appalling. For how long can we, especially his supporters or voters, turn the other way and say “meh, whatever”. What the fuck did we learn from last yr’s onslaught of the virus catching everyone off...
  7. OmegaBravo7

    Choosing Perfect Family & Guard Dog

    For those with knowledge and experience with dogs, especially guard dogs(not based off Google), what is the best all-around guard dog? And it’s for actual guarding the home and family. Objective is to keep safe the family from animal attacks and deter intruder mother fuckers with evil...
  8. OmegaBravo7

    Cortico shots in order to lift

    What’s everyone’s experience with steroid shots for pain in order to lift. You see all these pro bodybuilders with insane injuries it’s almost hard not to believe they don’t use steroid shots in order to lift them weights. I’m borderline desperate to get back to lifting and training normal...
  9. OmegaBravo7

    Home Additions And Underpinning - Cost

    Has anyone done any home additions? I’m trying to figure out an average cost to extend the back of a house into the backyard. It would be approximately 25ft out and 30ft wide. Just rooms. Electrical I can handle. In addition to that, does anyone have any idea what it would cost to...
  10. OmegaBravo7

    You had kids while on TRT?

    Has anyone here had kids while on TRT or on cycle (long term)? I want to hear from first hand experience. It’s the only thing holding me back from getting on trt, we want more kids
  11. OmegaBravo7

    Best Transformation Challenge Reward $$$

    Has this ever been done? A challenge for who makes the best transformation in a given time? All challengers put money and winner takes all? I figured it might be a great incentive and motivation amidst the chaos For example, anyone who wants to enter the challenge puts up $1,000. Winner...
  12. OmegaBravo7

    Will this countertop base bend? 2x12’s

    Wondering if anyone has an engineering background, or can speak just from experience... The objective is to build a 9ft x 11inch bar countertop fixed at both ends (no legs or support anywhere between between the two ends). Using two 2x12’s stacked (to gain super strength to prevent flex), 9ft...
  13. OmegaBravo7

    Cortisone Injection Clinics GTA

    Anyone been to and can refer a good clinic/doctor to get cortisone injections for pain in the GTA? Is a requisition required? This site keeps popping up on Google search but they offer PRP injections too, and that shit is...
  14. OmegaBravo7

    Mike Tyson Returns

  15. OmegaBravo7

    ECA CLEN T3 my recent experience

    Thought I’d give my 2 cents on these fat loss compounds I’ve used lately. Clen: Never again. Fuck the jitters, and fuck feeling like shit all day. And you want to kill my cardio too, never again. T3: Aside from sweating profusely I didn’t really notice any sides this time around again (used...
  16. OmegaBravo7

    Cytomel and breastfeeding

    Our baby boy is breastfed frequently. Is it safe for the wife to take cytomel? A few sites say it’s safe because too little of the cytomel passes through the breastmilk however they don’t say what doses were being taken for them to come to that conclusion. Fucking hate vague incomplete medical...
  17. OmegaBravo7

    Stomach Bloating for Unknown Reasons

    Currently on: Aromasin 12.5mcg e3d Test Prop 200mg eod (upped to 250mg last night) Cytomel (T3) 75-100mcg ed Anavar was 80mg ........ Stopped about 3 days ago because of intolerable stomach bloat and pain Diet: Breakfast 1/2cup oatmeal, 12oz milk, 4 raw eggs Grilled Breasts 4oz 3-4x daily w/cup...
  18. OmegaBravo7

    Tips on fast but healthy food welcome

    So the wife’s not been able to cook home these past few weeks (depression) and it’s starting to show on me. We eat out and I bring home fast food. She also craves it, especially ice cream and cake. What we eat at home is the stuff I’m able to make for the kids like eggs and oatmeal lol So...
  19. OmegaBravo7

    Serious Fucking Deltoid Pain

    My left deltoid is very painful. The medial/posterior deltoid. I’ve been out of the gym for almost 2 weeks and the pain has decreased but is still there when I lift my kids. It started when I was doing dumbell incline presses. When the soreness came about I ignored it thinking it’s just...
  20. OmegaBravo7

    Enlarged Nipples on Test Prop

    Test Prop 200mg eod Anavar 40-60mg ed Had family and friends over and these past 10 days my diet was absolute trash. My protein intake was on par but we ate out everyday and all day from McD's to Chinese Chicken Fried Rice, etc. Sad to say I put on some fat. My nipples and areola have...