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    Thursday Pussy

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    George Lucas’ inspiration for Star Wars was the Foundation books…..I’m very excited to start this series.
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    Food prices

    Saw a TikTok a couple weeks ago and this onion producer was standing in a giant warehouse full and basically gave a PSA to help people save a bit of money. He explained contracts on goods like his and many many others are going to be expiring very soon and as a result of his costs going up that...
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    The Sinner

    I look forward to the new season.
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    Melatonin and it's protective abilities

    I honestly don’t know as he just said he has fatty liver but I will inquire further and look into Sam e. I’ll assume that his numbers must have gone up because I mentioned TUDCA at least a year ago and he just recently decided to take my advice.
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    Mayor of Kingstown

    Nice bro you've moved up to genny op!
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    Melatonin and it's protective abilities

    Thanks for the post GR! My good friend has fatty liver and I've got him started on TUDCA but will have him look in adding melatonin in down the road as well.
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    Bodytech pharma lab review.

    Are we talking about Bodytech Beard Oil……
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    Since a teenager the only thing that worked for me was Mitchum but in the last year or so I use the Dove men care spray and love it.
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    Thursday Pussy

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    nobody concerned about evergrande?

    Marge is calling……have money on hand because all your favourite blue chip stocks will be on sale. 🤑
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    Mast and feeling of well being

    For me on a higher dose of Mast I can be more of a dick lol at least that’s what Mrs Flex says.
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    nobody concerned about evergrande?

    The US market is definitely heading for a downturn. Will Evergrande helps things along...possibly but in Canada I feel we are somewhat insulated from what goes on down there.
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    Thursday Pussy

    2,1,4,5,3,6. Phew that’s a lot to remember lol
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    CB 2021-22 NFL Pool

    Wow I just squeaked it out this week!
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    Any AMC Apes in here?

    Oook, ook ape.
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    Thursday Pussy

    3,5,4,2,1 Tight race this week…..hopefully 😜
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    CB 2021-22 NFL Pool

    My first team was much better. Yahoo gave my new one a C rating.
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    Stock Market

    Yup. Have an option that expires this Friday $12 strike 🤑. I have a couple shares too.
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    Hdl and ldl

    My bad cholesterol always sits near the top of the range (which my doc has found that’s normal for me) so I asked what I should do. My doctor said my ratio is most the important number along with spot on blood pressure. Since my BP is great I improved my ratio with fish oil which increased my...