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  1. John Snow

    Ripper + proviron

    Hey I was wondering if adding 50mg of proviron would tank my estrogen with 2cc of ripper eod ? I have no experience with masteron at all but for reference, I need .25 of adex eod on 400mg of test ew
  2. John Snow

    Shouldn’t post this but… Anxiety

    I know I shouldn’t post this but after another failed relationship, I started to write and this is it. I needed to post it somewhere and sorry guys but it’s the only place I found. Already posted it on Instagram but I feel like a ducking loser so I’ll probably delete it in max 15min. Here it is...
  3. John Snow

    BTC dipping super hard and ALT coins following

    Everything is at discount right now and it keeps going down. I’ve bought the dip since it started, following the chart and buying more XLM and ETH. Shit is wild !!! It might be going down astronomically right now but it surely will get back to new ATH in due time. Wait for it to go up...
  4. John Snow


    7.77% in the last 24 hour. 32.42% in the last month. good time to buy ?
  5. John Snow

    From AAS to peptides

    Let’s say I’m cycling tren, test and proviron at low dose for 4-6 months and then I want to get on a cruise to give my body a break from AAS but stay enhanced and more anabolic than a simple trt dosage. Would it be a good idea to switch to peptide during that cruise ? What would be your peptides...
  6. John Snow

    Anti histamine with tren ?

    Ok guys so I’ve read somewhere that after you pin tren you can get allergies like symptoms because it triggers an allergy like response from your body and it reacts by producing a lot of histamine. For Me personally the day that I’m pinning tren, I always cough during the day and my nose is...