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    Alot of folks running GH

    All you guys running GH now that opti is around. I'm gonna guess almost none of you are using insulin and may be using GH for a long time. You fellas realize this doesnt come without consequnce right.....?
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    Alright CB time for a rant. People that know me know I will go against the grain and call out BS when I see it. Soooooo What's been bothering me lately.??? Parrots repeating how they have improved sleep from GH. I know people are going to argue and hate me over this....but I call bullshit...
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    Fu$& your feelings

    This is a beauty Song Probably offend libtards, so that’s a plus
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    Liberal corruption

    Morneau found guilty of an ethics violation we didn’t even know about. WE charity shutting down This clown below arrested PM is up for 3rd ethics violation Morneau is still being investigated for another violation. How can people support this government...
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    Mike Tyson Mysteries on Netflix! Absolutely brilliant
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    Sorbate’s meat

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    Cobra Kai

    What a deadly show!! Just started watching it tonight. I love how it’s like watching an 80s show. Also the shots it takes at today’s weak society.
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    It’s just a mask

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    Stars & Bars Baby! Trump 2020

    Don’t want to get into any arguments on this thread. Just a simple who’s rooting for trump or not
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    Wow this is gaining momentum. Serious politicians getting involved. More and more support all the time.
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    Where it all started! Spectro

    Found this in my garage Miss the days I used to get several hundred bottles of Spectro from spider, he gave me a discount if I’d label them myself
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    Primo & DHB

    Has anyone ran these in conjunction? If so what are your thoughts
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    Side of Beef

    One of the best things I have done and don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. I split a cow with a friend of mine. For my side of the beef I received 457lbs Cut and wrapped all in worked out to $3.43 across the board. The beef is great. Hamburger is lean. I’m in heaven. I mainly only eat...
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    Flat Brimmed hats

    Maybe I’m a grumpy old fuck But does anyone else get annoyed by people wearing flat brimmed hats?? I fucking hate them
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    Let’s Talk Primo

    Who here is a primo lover? How would you rank it against other steroids? Do you think it is as weak as some claim?
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    Attention Libtards
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    The insanity of this World

    Here’s another beauty put out by the radical left. Defund the police. Now as much as I think LePsyber is the most distasteful and annoying lunatic I’ve ever seen on a board, the general public still needs assholes like him to police. So these lefties that are saying defund the police, maybe...
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    Happy Birthday LePsyber

    It’s my favourite libtard’s bday!!! Love having you here !!!!!!! Maybe you can get some other well wishes and comments about how much people value you around here
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    This picture really hit me hard It bothers me how weak society has become How radical left we have become These are scary times, the virus doesn’t scare me....humanity’s weakness does